A. Cemal Erigen

eringen.jpgSES remembers Prof. A. Cemal Eringen, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University, who passed away on December 7, 2009, aged 88 years. Professor Eringen was a founder of SES in 1963 and served as SES President from 1963-1973. He was the first recipient of the Eringen medal, which was established in 1975 in his honor. Dr. Eringen's last writings were on micromorphic, micropolar and nonlocality theories in the foreword he wrote for the volume "Generalized Continuum Mechanics - one hundred years after the Cosserats" edited by A. Metrikine and Gerard A. Maugin, to be published in the collection "Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics" by Springer, New York, Spring 2010. We have lost a colleague, great scientist, and a gentleman.