2012 Medalists Announced at the 49th Annual Technical Meeting

Medalists for 2012 were announced at the recent 49th Annual Technical Meeting of SES at Georgia Institute of Technology. This year’s medalists are Zhigang Suo (Prager Medal), David Barnett (Eringen Medal), Joe Goddard (Taylor Medal), K-S. Kim (Society of Engineering Science Medal), and Markus Buehler (Young Investigator Medal).

David Barnett, 2012 Eringen Medalist

Zhigang Suo, 2012 W. Prager Medalist

Joe Goddard, 2012 G.I. Taylor Medalist

Markus Buehler, 2012 SES Young Investigator Medalist

Kyung-Suk Kim, 2012 Enginering Science Medalist

Raj Rajendran, new 2012 SES Fellow

Iwona Jasiuk, new 2012 SES Fellow

Student Competition Participants

Professor David McDowell receives a certificate of appreciation from SES President, Horacio Espinosa, for organizing a very successful and memorable conference.