2013 Medalists Announced at Annual Techincal Meeting

(L to R): Ravichandran, Greer, Weng, Steigmann, KT Ramesh (SES President)

A. Cemal Eringen Award

Professor G. Ravichandran, California Institute of Technology

The A.C. Eringen award is made in recognition of sustained outstanding achievements in engineering science. Professor Ravichandran is recognized for his pioneering contributions to various areas of mechanics of materials, with emphasis on the dynamics of deformation, damage, localization and failure, mechanobiology, and advanced experimental methods.

SES Young Investigator Medal

Professor Julia Greer, California Institute of Technology

The Young Investigator Medal is awarded to a young researcher in his or her ascendancy whose work has already had an impact in his/her field within engineering science. Professor Greer is recognized for her pioneering work on the mechanics of materials at small scales through innovative experiments, presentations and publications.

William Prager Medal

Professor George J. Weng, Rutgers University

The William Prager Medal is awarded for outstanding research contributions in theoretical and/or experimental solid mechanics. Professor Weng is recognized for his fundamental contributions to the theory of inclusions, micromechanics of composites, multifunctional materials, and coupled behavior in solids.

Engineering Science Medal

Professor David J. Steigmann, UC Berkeley

The Engineering Science Medal is awarded in recognition of a singularly important contribution to engineering science. Professor Steigmann is recognized for his work in the mechanics of thin tensile structures, cellular membranes and surface energy effects.