2018 SES Medalists

The Society of Engineering Science is pleased to announce the award of the 2018 society medals and fellow election:

The 2018 G.I. Taylor Medal of SES is awarded to Howard Stone, Princeton University, for seminal contributions to fluid dynamics research and education, particularly the understanding of low Reynolds number flows, microfluidics, interfacial phenomena, and biological fluid dynamics.

The 2018 William Prager Medal of SES is awarded to Lallit Anand, MIT, for outstanding research contributions to large deformation plasticity theory that are becoming part of the core knowledge of the field and are having a significant impact on its development.

The 2018 Engineering Science Medal of SES is awarded to Nancy Sottos, University of Illinois, for her singularly important contribution to the engineering science of self-healing materials.

The 2018 James R. Rice Medal of SES is awarded to Ellen Arruda, University of Michigan, for substantial contributions to the mechanics of engineering polymers and biological materials, with both fundamental and applied impact.

The 2018 Young Investigator Medals of SES are awarded to Sinan Keten, Northwestern University, for his outstanding contributions to the molecular modeling of the mechanical properties of polymer thin films, nanocomposites, biological and bioinspired materials, and to Yihui Zhang, Tsinghua University, for his pioneering work on the mechanically-guided, deterministic 3D assembly, mechanics of fractal-inspired designs for stretchable electronics, and bioinspired designs of soft network materials.

The status of Fellow of SES is awarded to Arun Srinivasa, Texas A&M, and Daniel N. Riahi, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.